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After many long months of fitting "garage time" around other jobs, here is the final result (as final as any Harley ever is... time will tell!):

Click on a picture to view in full size:

79fxef-FR.JPG (76213 bytes) 79fxef-PR.JPG (71381 bytes) 79fxef-RR.JPG (70919 bytes) 79fxef-RL.JPG (86876 bytes) 79fxef-FL.jpg (84169 bytes)

79fxef-MR.JPG (80997 bytes) 79fxef-enginedetail.JPG (65794 bytes) 79fxef-head.JPG (71308 bytes) 79fxef-rearbrake.JPG (71892 bytes) 79fxef-frontbrake.JPG (76907 bytes)