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This is my Grandfather's 1967 FLH 1200, with only 13k original miles.  Formerly a Shriner's bike, it is bone stock with the exception of the paint, which was repainted to match the original several years ago by my uncle.  I've got pictures of me at 5 years old strapped to the back of this 'Glide when I fell asleep during a poker run.:

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67flh-FR.JPG (65451 bytes) 67flh-PR.JPG (72382 bytes) 67flh-RR.JPG (62596 bytes) 67flh-RL.JPG (73679 bytes)

67flh-PL.JPG (78243 bytes) 67flh-FL.jpg (74767 bytes) 67flh-MR.JPG (75256 bytes) 67flh-ML.JPG (67455 bytes)

67flh-fenderdetail.JPG (60790 bytes)